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Flexible Dieting for the Busy Life: The Stress-Free Way to Hit Your Macros, Forever.

Life is crazy. I like to think of myself as being pretty busy, but I’m well aware that my schedule is nothing compared to some. I know plenty of people working multiple jobs, or 60-hour work weeks, and with everything happening, fitness and diet adherence can seem like the last thing you want to deal […]


Advanced Nutrition Made Easy: Carb Cycling

In case you haven’t noticed, new weight loss tricks pop all the time. Pills, elimination diets, five-minute workout programs, and more spam tabloid covers. It doesn’t help that big time celebrities like Dr. Oz push products that are absolutely worthless, but that’s a story for another day.   As you may or may not know, […]


Turbocharge Your Squat Workout with Depth Jumps

Ah yes, leg day. The worst (or best, if your the sadistic type). The day where the men are separated from the boys, where it’s you vs. the iron in a test of brute strength. Tell me if this scene sounds familiar. You walk into the gym, all ready for the day from hell that […]


On Conditioning, Cardio, and Getting Ripped to Shreds

HIIT. LISS. There are all kinds of cardio you can do, all with pros and cons, and all can be useful if used properly. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably read articles from all viewpoints. Maybe you’ve heard that only sprinting works, or that fasted cardio is the best to burn fat, or maybe […]


The Greatest Protein Nutella Brownie Recipe of All Time

Generations from now, we will pass down stories to our grandchildren, telling them of the good old days. The days in which one had to vigorously shake powder and fluid together,. over and over, until the two formed a perfectly blended, anabolic beverage of the gods, without which not a single gain could be made. Until one day, this day, everything changed.

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The Athlete’s Guide to Sculpting Your Ideal Physique, Part One

“Bro training is so old school, everybody knows body part splits suck.”   “You have no business doing bicep curls until you can do ten chin-ups.”   “Look at those idiots doing full-body lifts and agility work, they’ll never grow unless they do a whole day for chest.”   In case you haven’t noticed, I […]

Nate jones

Epic Guest Post: Nathan Jones Complete Body Recomposition Guide

This a special guest post from my friend Nathan Jones, an excellent strength coach and former college classmate of mine. Towson sure does turn out great coaches… anyway. He was kind enough to write up this incredible post, more detailed than any other posts up here. Please show him some love – comment on this, […]


Maximizing Strength: Why Going Through the Motions Isn’t Enough

Going Through the Motions Makes You Weak About six months ago, I was getting extremely frustrated with how slowly my lifts were increasing, and I felt I was missing out on a great opportunity to maximize my strength gains. I spent time doing some research and closely examining my training, and discovered one critical mistake […]

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On Macros, Fasting, Clean Eating, and The Perfect Diet

Here it is, the post where I attempt to tackle one of the most controversial issues in fitness, and explain my perfect diet strategy. I always ask new clients what their nutrition looks like, and I’ve heard just about every diet in the book. From Paleo, clean eating, Ketogenic, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, If […]

Mathew Tabar

Guest Post: A Rant About Life, Goals & How To Look Great Naked

This is a guest post written by Mathew Tabar, one of my first fans here – asked for content to put up on the site since I’ve been busy, and he came through with this awesome post. Nice post about defining our goals, hope you enjoy! A Rant About Life, Goals & How to Look […]

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